JMC Video Suites Availability

By using this site to book a room in the 105 hallway for multimedia work, you agree to be bound to these terms of use:

  1. These rooms are only available to Kent State JMC students, staff, and faculty with a valid ID card. You may only use the
    room for your allotted time (remembering to use the door slider to indicate the room is occupied during your time, and putting the
    slider back to available when finished).

  2. If a user discovers missing or damaged equipment upon making use of the room, they must report it immediately to: in order to keep from being held responsible for the repair/replacement cost of the equipment.

  3. Workstation hard drives are cleared of all user files each night. Neither the school nor its employees are responsible
    for lost or damaged files or projects.

  4. Users may connect their own personal devices to the audio/video equipment, but support may not be available for
    personal equipment, and neither the school nor its employees are responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal effects.

  5. All users are bound by the Kent State copyright policy; this can be found at:

**To book the JMC Audio Suites please click here Book the JMC Audio Suites